Aditya Jha, LL.D.

Aditya Jha, LL.D. Aditya Jha: Dr. Jha is a Canadian entrepreneur and philanthropist with active involvement in Canadian public affairs. He has taken special interest in nurturing prosperity and financial independence amongst Canadian First Nations(aboriginals) communities and individuals through his private charitable foundation, POA Educational Foundation, by means of 13 post-secondary scholarships in Ryerson University, Trent University, and York University through endowment funds. He is inductee to the ’30 most influential Indo-Canadians Power List’ of India Abroad magazine (2009), and most recently received the Honorary Doctorate of Laws degree from Ryerson University. Born in Nepal and educated in India, he started his career in India and then subsequently worked in France and Singapore, and eventually joining Bell Canada in 1994. There he became a General Manager, which he left to start a successful software company, which was later acquired by Sun Microsystems. Along with stakes in diversified business, he is President and CEO of Karma Candy.

His affinity to Nepal is amply demonstrated in the serious attempt he made to establish Institute of Information Technology Nepal (IIT-N) modelled after India’s IIT, in 2001. Although he withdrew his efforts due to severe delays he encountered due to instability in governments, he maintained significant interest in promoting educational advancements in Nepal and has since supported a number of educational initiatives taken by others. He is a major funder to e-Library and e-Education Project led by Dr. Gautam and Nepal Library Foundation led by Mr. Koirala.