Arjun Bahadur Chhetri

Arjun Bahadur Chhetri Arjun Bahadur Chhetri: A Ph.D. Candidate in Sustainable Energy Development in Civil and Resource Engineering at Dalhousie University, Canada, Mr. Chhetri is a prolific researcher and writer. He received his Master of Engineering in Energy Technology from Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand in 1997. Later on, he worked as an Energy Advisor for UNDP Rural Energy Development Programme in Nepal in 1998-1999. Mr. Chhetri also served several years as a Polytechnic Division Coordinator in Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training for policy formulation and management for the extension program. He also worked as Country Director of Center for Humanitarian Outreach and Intercultural Exchange, USA for Nepal (2002-2004). Mr.Chhetri also served as a lecturer in Tribhuwan University in Nepal (1997-2004). He is the author of three books and three dozens of International Peer reviewed Journals and Conference publications. His research interests are in green technology development, decentralized energy and environment management, global warming, and climate change.

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