Barbara Spronk, Ph.D.

Barbara SpronkBarbara Spronk, Ph.D.: Dr. Spronk was Executive Director of the International Extension College, based in Cambridge, UK, from June 1996 to April 2002. In that post she traveled extensively around the world to advise government ministries and other agencies on the feasibility and uses of open and distance learning (ODL), and to train staff of institutions in developing countries in aspects of ODL ranging from planning and management to materials development, design, production and evaluation. Prior to that appointment, Dr. Spronk was on the faculty of Athabasca University, where she taught anthropology and women’s studies, and served in a number of management posts, including Director of Regional and Tutorial Services. During her 20 years service with Athabasca, she was intimately involved in programming with and for First Nations people of Canadas, the launching of Athabasca’s first international projects, and her initiation into electronic media for teaching and learning. Finally, her many years of service on the Board of the Canadian Association for Distance Education (now the Canadian Network for Innovation in Education) have left her with an appreciation for the dynamism of Canadian distance educators and their commitment to making lifelong learning a reality for all Canadians. She is presently a freelance consultant, working out of Waterloo, Ontario.