Benjamin Wood

Ben WoodBenjamin Wood: CFFN Director USHA (2011 – 2013), CFFN Executive Secretary (2009 – 2011), Volunteer of the Year, 2008.

The winner of CFFN Volunteer of the Year award for his exemplary service to the organization in 2008, Mr. Ben Wood, was elected to the position of Executive Secretary of CFFN in 2009. He holds an exceptional talent in writing, editing, painting, arts, crafts, and photography. Some of his creative talents could be viewed at his personal website. He has been serving CFFN since its inception as a Marketing Content Developer and his artistic talent is amply demonstrated in CFFN logo, banner, and posters. He is a pursuant of B.Sc. (Integrated Sciences) at Carleton University and Diploma in Marketing from Algonquin College. An ardent student of multimedia, avid pursuer of communication technology, precise writer, and a creative artist, he is behind the development of CFFN posters and other marketing materials that shine in the public eyes. He has been serving CFFN in various capacities since 2005, well before its official registration with Industry Canada. He dreams to become a future leader in the field marketing and communication.