Bharat Shrestha, Ph.D.

Bharat Shrestha, Ph.D.: CFFN Executive Member (2011 – 2013), Director, Publication

Dr. Bharat Shrestha is an active researcher since 2000. His research area includes land use, land use change and climate change. He has carried out many researches related to climate change, its impact and possible mitigation through carbon sequestering in vegetation and soil. He has published more than a dozens of scientific papers in peer reviewed international referred journal and some of them are highly cited.  In Canada, he has carried out forest-fire related researches and currently involved in Agro-Environment related research at Agriculture and Agri-food Canada.  He is an experienced modeler, satellite image and GIS analyst. In Nepal he was a teacher at Tribhuvan University.

Selected publications:

  • Shrestha, B.M. and H.Y.H. Chen. (2012). Stand age, fire and clearcutting affect soil organic carbon and aggregation of mineral soils in boreal forests. Soil biology and biochemistry (revised and submitted).
  • Seedre, M., B.M. Shrestha, H.Y.H. Chen, S. Colombo, and K. Jõgiste. (2011). Carbon dynamics of North American boreal forest after stand replacing wildfire and clearcut logging. Journal of Forest Research DOI: 10.1007/s10310-011-0264-7.
  • Shrestha, B.M. and H.Y.H. Chen. (2010). Effects of stand age, wildfire and clearcut harvesting on forest floor in boreal mixedwood forests. Plant and Soil, doi:10.1007/s11104-010-0475-2.
  • Shrestha, B. M., Dick, Øystein B. and Singh, Balram (2010). Effects of land-use change on carbon dynamics assessed by multi-temporal satellite imagery in a mountain watershed of Nepal.  Acta Agriculturae Scandinavica, Section B – Plant Soil Science, 60: 1, 10 –23.
  • Shrestha B.M., William S., Easter M., Paustian, K. and Singh, B. R. (2009). Modelling soil organic carbon stocks and changes in a mountain watershed of Nepal using Century C Model. Agriculture Ecosystems and Environment 132 : 91–97.
  • Shrestha B. M., Certini G., and Singh B. R. (2008). Soil organic matter quality under different land uses in a mountain watershed of Nepal. Soil Science Society of America Journal 72 (6): 1563-1569.
  • Shrestha B. M. and Singh B. R. (2008). Soil and vegetation carbon pools in a mountainous watershed of Nepal. Nutrient Cycling in Agroecosystems 81:179–191.
  • Shrestha B. M., Sitaula B. K., Singh B.R., Lal R, and Bajracharya R. M. (2007). Soil aggregate- and particle- associated organic carbon under different land uses in Nepal. Soil Science Society of America Journal 71 (4): 1-10.
  • Bajracharya, R. M., Sitaula B. K., Shrestha B. M., Awasthi K. D., Balla M. K. and Singh B. R. (2004). Soil organic carbon status and dynamics in the central Nepal middle mountains. Forestry 12: 28 – 44
  • Shrestha B. M., Sitaula B. K., Bajracharya R. M., and Singh B. R. (2004).   Soil organic carbon stocks in soil aggregates under different land use systems in Nepal. Nutrient Cycling in Agroecosystem 70:201-213.
  • Shrestha B. M., Sitaula B. K., Singh B. R. and Bajracharya R. M. (2004).   Fluxes of CO2 and CH4 in soil profiles of a mountainous watershed in Nepal as influenced by land use, temperature, moisture, and substrate addition. Nutrient Cycling in Agroecosystem 68:155-164.

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