Bhoj Raj Ghimire, Ph.D.

Bhoj Raj Ghimire, Ph.D.Bhoj Raj Ghimire: His Excellency Dr. Ghimire is the Ambassador of Nepal to Canada. Prior to assuming this responsibility, Dr. Ghimire was the Chief Secretary at the Government of Nepal, where he played leadership role in policy making and monitoring as the country’s top bureaucrat. He rose to those positions after serving as Secretary in Ministry of Finance where he played major role in drafting policy on economic liberalization. Earlier, he served as Consul General of Nepal to Kolkatta, India for a decade. Apoet and songwriter, he has published five books in Nepali literature. He is a receipient of major national awards in academic and administrative excellence.

During Dr. Ghimire’s leadership in Nepal’s bureaucracy, a major bill for Open University of Nepal was developed and tabled in the parliament. Although the bill has met with some delay due to Nepal’s issues of political transition, his aspirations to build such institution are as strong as before and he hopes to make a major contribution in the capacity of Ambassador of Nepal to Canada.