Chaitanya Mishra, Ph.D.

Chaitanya Mishra, Ph.D. Chaitanya Mishra: Dr. Mishra, a Professor of Sociology at Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal, and a member of the National Planning Commission of Nepal, obtained his Ph.D. from the University of Florida, USA, in 1978. In his 30 years in academia, he has carried out research in wide-ranging areas covering economic history, policy analysis, analysis of organizations, political, economic and cultural correlates of development and underdevelopment, human development, decentralization and local government, labour migration, and bilateral and regional processes in South Asia. Dr. Mishra has published six books and more than 100 reports and articles, and edited international academic journals. He has worked as a consultant to several local, national and international organizations. He regularly contributes articles in newspapers and magazines, participates in the public debates on polity, economy, policy and development of Nepal. Dr. Mishra has been a frequent consultant to the UN system in Nepal. He was one of two principal authors of the Nepal Human development Report 1998. He was the principal investigator of UNDP report on Poverty Alleviation Initiatives in Nepal. He also drafted the Millennium Development Goals Progress Report, 2002.

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