Donna Lea, M.Sc.

Donna Lea

Donna Lea, M.Sc.: Born in the small town of Salamanca, New York, Donna obtained Bachelor of Education degree from Geneseo State College, New York and Master of Education from University of Illinois. Having specialized in elementary education, Ms. Lea embarked a long career in teaching and served school districts in Maine, Florida, New York, and Illinois. She taught for thirty five years in Fisher, Illinois and retired in 1999. Having spent her youth in the pastoral surroundings of Western New York, she carried affinity for rural living and managed to live as such. She has been doing considerable travel in later years of her teaching career and born out of this mindset was a sister-school project between her school and a school in Baglung, Nepal. When developing this project, she was attracted by the remoteness, rural setting of Sarkuwa for it presented the type of challenge she was looking for. Married to Tom, who was serving in the military at the time and who later chose a teaching career of his own, she is a frequent traveler to Nepal and continues to be a part of the Sarkuwa Sister School Project even after her retirement. Tom and Donna have one daughter, Sherie and two granddaughters, Jessica and Meaghan. Along with their son in law, Mark, the entire family has become involved with various projects in Nepal.

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