Drona Prakash Rasali, Ph.D., MACE

Drona P RasaliDrona Prakash Rasali, Ph.D., MACE, CFFN Managing Director Open University of Nepal Initiative (2011 – 2013), Research Chair (2009 – 2013)

Dr. Drona Prakash Rasali is one of the brightest scholars to emerge from the traditionally neglected communities of Nepal. He was declared Board First in Nepal’s School Leaving Certificate Examinations held in 1972. After completing Bachelor of Veterinary Science in 1980 he worked as a Veterinary Doctor with Government of Nepal for 14 years and completed his M.Sc. degree from University of Philippines during that tenure. Then he moved to Nepal Agriculture Research Council where he worked a Senior Scientist until 1999. After leading a successful research career in Nepal, he came to Canada and completed his Ph.D. in Animal Genetics in 2004. He worked in Manitoba as a provincial coordinator of a national pilot study of Canadian Pork Council for one year in 2003/04. Currently, he is working in the area of population health as a Chronic Disease Epidemiologist with the Government of Saskatchewan, Canada. To his credits, he has more than 70 peer-reviewed publications in the wide ranging areas of animal health and productivity as well as public health and well-being.