Geeta Thapa

Geeta Thapa

Geeta Thapa, CFFN Treasurer (2011 – 2013), Executive Memeber (2007 – 2009)

A member of the Executive Board of the Canada Forum for Nepal, Geeta had shown special talent for dance and music from early on in her life and continues to refine this art every passing day. An accomplished student, Geeta finds music to be therapeutic and enriching. She is pursuing Bachelor of Commerce degree at Carleton University of Canada and is also studying international business and economics to further strengthen her interests. Ms. Thapa volunteers in community organizations and donates her time and talent for fundraising activities. She has performed in various stages and is a regular contributor to Nepalese Canadian Association of Ottawa. A prolific reader, she is beautiful, charming, articulate, and passionate about the causes of building a connected and equitable world, and says that art is an instrument for balancing the vitality of life.

Geeta was the recipient of CFFN’s Volunteer of the Year award in 2009.

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