Gokul Bhandari, Ph.D.

Gokul Bhandari, Ph.D. Gokul Bhandari: Dr. Bhandari is an Assistant Professor of Information Systems at Odette School of Business of University of Windsor. He is a young and aspiring researcher who moved to management and business research from electrical engineering and, therefore, bringing inter-disciplinary approach to research in making significant inroads in the role of decision support systems and human judgment in business decision making and electronic trading systems. His research has been published in Computer Science, Finance, Economics, and Information Systems journals and he was the recipient of Odette New Researcher Award in 2008 and Dean’s Special Recognition Award in 2009 for his outstanding research contributions and scholarly activities.

Dr. Bhandari’s research contributions are of significance to open and distance education in Nepal. In the area of pedagogy, he has conducted research in curriculum design and reengineering of content delivery processes through web technologies such as WebCT. He has been awarded International Development Research Grant from the University of Windsor for his project to explore the potential of establishing open-source software based digital libraries in Nepal. In his spare time, he pursues his literary interests.