Hari Dhakal, MD

Hari Dhakal, MD Hari Dhakal: Dr. Dhakal, a Doctor of Medicine, is a Ph. D. fellow at Department of Pathology, The Norwegian Radium Hospital. He has made exemplary services to Nepal for more than a decade. A bright scholar, he is a receipient of a series of fellowship awards and training within Nepal and from international institutions. He is a consultant at BP Koirala Memorial Cancer Hospital, where he was the Head of the Department of Pathology during 1999-2004. Prior to that he was a faculty member as well as the in-charge of the same hospital as well as the member of Tumor Board and Chief of Pathology Services.

Dr. Dhakal was an Editor-in-Chief of a hospital newsletter and Editor of a journal of medicine in Nepal. A socially inspired professional, he is one of the founding members of social clubs, and was Secretary of Nepal Medical Association Chitawan Branch. Currently, he is advisor to NRN-Norway and member of NRN Task Force on Skills Knowledge and Innovation (SKI). He is also an author of a dozen scientific articles. He is also a co-founder of Institute of Medical Technology, Nepal.