Ishwor Dhungel, M.P.A.

Ishwor DhungelMr. Ishwor Dhungel, M.P.A: CFFN Managing Director of Publications (2011-2013)

Mr. Dhungel holds a M.P.A. degree in Governance and Development from University of Western Ontario since 2006, Canada and a M.A. degree in Development Economics from Tribhuvan University, Nepal, since 1989. He worked in South Asia, Kosovo and East Timor for UNDP and European commission for nearly ten years before coming to Canada. He also worked in many development and research projects and authored research reports on socio-economic issues for many international organizations like UNDP, UNICEF, UNHCR, USAID and CIDA and government counterparts while he was working as a Research Officer in a research organization named New ERA. In the UNDP and European Commission employment positions, he worked as Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist before he took responsibilities as Regional Development Advisor for the UNDP. His current research interests include, service delivery practices and administrative mechanisms in local governments of various countries.

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