Mahendra Lohani, Ph.D.

Mahendra Lohani, Ph.D. Mahendra Lohani: Dr. Lohani, a native of Nepal from a remote mountain village, rose to become a Vice-President of a USA based international humanitarian organization, Heifer International. Prior to taking this role, he was Heifer’s Program Director for Asia and the South Pacific and was Program Director of its Nepal operation prior to that. After receiving a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from India, he continued his education in the Philippines, where he received a master’s degree and a doctorate in veterinary medicine and agricultural economics. Returning to Nepal he worked for some years in a district veterinary hospital, providing veterinary and animal husbandry services to local farmers. In 1990 Mahendra Lohani was awarded a prestigious Hubert Humphrey scholarship for post-graduate study in the United States.

Dr. Lohani brings substantial experience in the field of management, leadership, and institutional development and sustainability. Dr. Lohani’s dedication to upliftment of the marginalized and the level of leadership success he achieved from humble beginnings are really inspiring. He remains a true humanitarian and keeps great affinity to Nepal.

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