Michael J. Casey, M.Sc.

Michael J. Casey, M.Sc.Michael Casey: CFFN Associate Manager, 4C (2009 – 2013), Executive Member (2009 – 2011)

Mr. Casey was a senior executive in the Government of Canada responsible for marine charting of Canadian waters. He obtained B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in Mathematics from McMaster University, Canada. After joining the Government of Canada, he specialized in the application of the survey and mapping technology. He now is Vice President (Spatial Analysis) at IIC International, a survey and mapping company with offices throughout the world. His specialties include the mapping of coastal areas using laser scanning technology and the use of digital maps and charts in the marine world, particularly in the use of digital charts in marine navigation. He and his wife Martina Casey, have been visiting Nepal frequently for more than a decade and keep close affinity with Nepal.

Michael and Martina are the instrumental figures behind the establishment Early Childhood Education Centre in Nepal. They themselves traveled to the village and inspired village women and men to this great endeavor. Besides this they are embarking a number of other projects in a view of taking the light of education and dignified livelihood in the target areas of CFFN projects.