Murari Suvedi, Ph.D.

Murari Suvedi, Ph.D. Murari Suvedi: Dr. Suvedi, Professor and Senior Associate to the Dean at Department of Community, Agriculture, Recreation and Resources of Michigan State University (MSU). He brings unique perspectives for developing countries from his ten years of experience at Tribhuvan University and at MSU in teaching, research, extension and international development. He brings special perspectives and leadership experiences in building evaluation capacity in agriculture, environment, and natural resources management. He offers program evaluation courses and seminars for development professionals of developing professionals, including in Nepal.

Dr. Suvedi is also an ardent promoter of Nepal’s development causes and has made some notable contributions in education and sustainable development in a area in Western Nepal where he was born and grown up. His work has brought him excellent accolades from his colleagues and the recipient communities.

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