Naresh Koirala

Mr. Naresh Koirala: Naresh Koirala A Senior Geotechnical Engineer with Golder Associates Ltd, a leading international company in its area, Mr. Naresh Koirala is a graduate of Civil Engineering from IIT-Roorkee in India and holds Master’s degree in Soil Engineering from AIT Bangkok. He has been working in the field of geotechnical engineering for the past 40 years in Canada, Hong Kong, and Nepal. His special areas of interests have been municipal infrastructure upgrades and developments involving trenchless technology such as tunneling, pipe jacking and horizontal directional drilling. He carries end to end knowledge in the investigation, desgn, tendering, construction, inspection, and post development engineering works.

Besides his works in the field of engineering, he is also strongly interested in philanthropy, political studies, philosophy, and independent thinking. He is the founder of a reading club in the lower mainland of BC and also the founder of Nepal Library Foundation, which has created a number of libraries in Nepal and the pursuit is only intensifying as he gears up to retire from his usual work. An ardent supporter of NRN movement, he has been strongly involved in the movement from the time of its inception and is the Regional Coordinator for the Americas in the current NRNA-ICC.