Nirmala Sharma, Ph.D.

Nirmala Sharma

Nirmala Sharma, Ph.D.: CFFN Executive Member (2009 – 2011)

Executive Board Member of CFFN, Dr. Sharma is an avid researcher in plant physiology and molecular genomics, and holds M.Sc. in Plant Physiology and PhD. in Plant Genomics from the University of Saskatchewan, Canada. Her graduate research works were recipient of several awards and she continues to work with the same intensity in the Plant Biotechnology Institute of the National Research Council of Canada in Saskatoon. An aspiring scientist working in the area of improving environmental stress tolerance and quality of crop yield in Canadian agricultural plants, more specifically Canola family. The outcome of this research has the potential to improve crop performance in many different species and different geographies of the world.

She also carries a substantial working experience in Nepal’s agriculture sector as an emerging scientific researcher. Before pursuing her research career in Canada, she carried horticulture research with Nepal Agriculture Research Council, a research project which did collaborative research with DFAID of United Kingdom. Her academic excellence and her independent vision for rural agriculture had had won her Winrock International Women’s Scholarship funded by Rockefeller Foundation during her undergraduate years at Tribhuvan University in Nepal.

Beyond her academic excellence, Dr. Sharma is carries strong social and philanthropic zeal. She worked in the areas of women’s empowerment and agricultural extension through women in rural Nepal. In Canada, she is National Coordination Council member of NRN-Canada and Executive Member of Canada Foundation for Nepal.