Prashanta Dhakal, B.Sc.

Prashanta Dhakal

Prashanta Dhakal, B.CS.: CFFN Deputy Director (2011 – 2013; 2013- 2015), CFFN Associate Website Manager, Associate Manager CFFN Radio.

A graduate from University of Waterloo, Canada, in Computer Science (Bioinformatics), Prashanta Dhakal is a young researcher who keeps keen eyes on Nepal’s socio-economic affairs. A prolific student of mathematics, he carries strong analytical skills and uses them to foster knowledge across various disciplines like mathematics, computer science, biology, economics, and psychology. He was looking into Nepal with eyes of an entrepreneur and started bringing out those ideas in writing. He is expected to be a budding researcher to emerge from Nepalese Canadian communities.

Prashanta enjoys learning and teaching math. He will work with Benjamin Wood and Baikuntha Poudel on USHA’s video tutorial project.