Raju Adhikari, Ph.D.

Raju Adhikari, Ph.D. Raju Adhikari: Dr. Adhikari, a Principal Research Scientist at CSIRO Molecular and Health Technologies is one of the inventors of NovoSorb™ platform technology and was recipient of CSIRO Molecular Science SAP award for Go for Growth 2004, CSIRO Molecular Science SAP award for Innovation 2004 and CSIRO medal for research innovation in 2006. He is also one of the inventors of the most biostable polyurethanes Elast-Eon™ technology that was developed at CSIRO. He has 15 patents (including provisional), over 35 publications in international refereed journal, a book chapter and over 45 abstracts in international conferences. Currently he is working in the design and synthesis of polymer for OLED application. He has over 25 years of research experience in organic and polymer chemistry and done his PhD from University of Delhi in 1986. He has done post doctoral work from Australia and Germany and worked in Nepal Academy of Science and Technology between 1986-1991.

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