Steve McNabb

Steve McNabb:Steve McNabb Co-Director of Radio Free Network, and a long time technology and music enthusiast, Steve is an Engineering Director and 11-year veteran of the Canadian IT Industry – a dramatic shift from his Honours Degree in History from Trent University. Steve runs, as its Co-Director, the Radio Free Network in pursuit of empowering grassroots community development organizations so they could take control of their own voices using Free Software and Internet Radio technologies using low-capital community owned-controlled-and-driven broadcast initiatives. He has recently embarked on a project ( in partnership with the CFFN and Dr Pramod Dhakal, with a hope to produce a new breed of youth who use their creative energy to produce programs for community empowerment. Steve’s technology interests include designing and building software, database-driven development, Internet media broadcasting and rich-media environments. Steve is also President/CEO of Mentorplex Inc. &, which supports and sponsors community radio projects through its online community platform and by providing free of charge support, hosting and bandwidth.