Susan Maskey

Susan Maskey: Nepalese Singer Susan Maskey: Susan Maskey is an accomplished Nepali singer who, in the early 1980s, was a lead singer in a band that was promoting democracy and raising voices against autocracy through its music. She took the audience with great emotions by her brilliant performances then and carries the same talents but only in a more refined and sophisticated level. She feels great in realizing that her daughter, Astha Tamang Maskey, a young and aspiring singer, has also emerged as a well-known figure in the music scene of Toronto.

Susan along with her friend Anju Chettri, established a bi-monthly magazine for women, Asmita, in 1988 while she was completing their Masters in History at Tribhuvan University when they struck upon the idea of publishing a magazine. The duo took up the responsibility of addressing an issue that’s usually been locked behind the rigid walls of our patriarchal society. At a time and era when women all over the world can proudly walk shoulder to shoulder with their male counterparts, women in Nepal continue to be deprived of basic human rights, face gender discrimination and such were the issues Asmita wanted to unveil. When Asmita hit the stands its readership grew quickly and the staff size grew from two founders to a team of 20 employees. Later it expanded to provide literacy resource material for the International sector about Nepali women and in organising workshops and in providing informal education ot women. Asmita has played a vital role in making women’s human rights issues more public and has been the single great source for providing information regarding women and gender issues.

Asmita has moved beyond the power of print and provided information and reading material in simple language and sketches, thus uplifting thousands of women in the grass root level. They’ve also published another magazine Sahachari, that has grown to be very popular in literacy classes conducted in rural areas by different organizations. Their advent into electronic media, with a weekly program called Asmita Radio Magazine Shakti (broadcast on Radio Sagarmatha FM) and providing consultancy and training programs, Asmita can now be considered a well rounded organization genuinely committed towards empowering women in every aspect.