Terry Curtis, M.Eng., P.Eng.

Advisor, Canada Forum for Nepal

Terry Curtis Mr. Terry Curtis has worked in the telecommunications and computing industries for 40 years. He brings outstanding management experience, product development and strategic and operational ICT expertise in implementing e-governance in the global enterprise Nortel Networks. He is one of the pioneering contributors to Nortel Networks’ leadership in Digital switching Technology revolution. His ICT experience and digital governance expertise spans the global reach of Nortel Networks’ operations and logistics. Terry currently holds the position of President of EION Inc. managing the strategic alliances.

During his 36 years with Nortel Networks and its former incarnations, Northern Electric, Bell-Northern Research and Northern Telecom, Terry as a Vice President was involved in many aspects of the company’s growth. These included Information Technology including Nortel’s internal e-governance, optical components development, silicon components development, computer aided design, software development and telecommunications systems development.

Mr. Curtis holds a Masters of Engineering from the University of Ottawa and is a Professional Engineer