Thomas Lea Jr., M.Sc.

Thomas Lea Jr., M.Sc.:Thomas Lea Jr A 20 years veteran of US Airforce, Tom retired in 1980 as a Master Sergeant and with two AAS degrees, one in Automotive Technology and the other in Aircraft Powerplant Maintenance. He then went on to complete B.S. Honors in Arts Education and M.S. Education both from University of Illinois. He them began a new career as a teacher in Computers, Computer Programming, Data Processing, and, not-surprisingly, Automotive Technology and Technology Education. He also worked as a Cooperating Teacher at Department of Vocational and Technical Education, University of Illinois. During his stay as a Graduate Research Assistant at the Department of Vocational Education Research at the University of Illinois, he worked on software and hardware evaluation, acquisition, installation, and set-up for various projects and for the department. He also set up the state-wide bulletin board for the State Department of Fisheries, and wrote the instruction manual for its use. Frequent traveler of Nepal, he was instrumental in providing support for Fisher-Sarkuwa Sister School Project embarked by his wife, Donna Lea.