Tineke Casey

Tineke (Martina) Casey, CFFN Managing Director 4C (2011 – 2013), Associate Manager 4C (2009-2011)

Tineke CaseyTineke Casey has worked her entire career in the field of Early Childhood Education. Educated in The Netherlands, Tineke began her career working as a certified Kindergarten Teacher there. Her education certified her as a Principal of a Kindergarten school. After immigrating to Canada in 1971 she worked as an Instructor at Sheridan College in Oakville teaching Early Childhood Education. Later she took a position at the Andrew Fleck Child Care Agency in Ottawa, a well known and well established (100 years) agency and noted as a leader in developing new approaches to different aspects of child care.

At Andrew Fleck Tineke served in may roles including working with severely handicapped children. For the past 15 years Tineke has worked in the field of Home Child Care. In this capacity she would establish mini day care centres (up to 5 children) throughout the city in caregivers’ homes. Tineke would mentor the caregiver in providing a quality program for the children. She would also regularly monitor the home for safety and quality of care. She would work with the caregiver in establishing a good relationship with the parents. She would interact with the parents to determine which home would be most suitable for their child depending upon location and any special needs the child might have. The Home Care in certified by the Government of Ontario and the care is subsidized for parents who cannot afford the full costs.

Tineke has been a visitor to Nepal since 1997. She has come to love the country and its people. The children of Nepal naturally have a special place in her heart. Upon her recent retirement she decided to see if there was some way she could contribute to the well being of the children of Nepal and give something back to the country that had given her so much joy.

The establishment of Community Child Care Centres in rural Nepal is a specific objective of the CFFN 4C program that Tineke leads. . She also is in the process of establishing a centre for Early Childhood Education teacher training in Pokhara, Nepal.