Nepal Fundraising Collective

Toronto, Canada – 08 May 2006: 

The ad hoc Nepal Fundraising Collective (including UofT Nepal Group, Nepalese Association at York University, Nepalese Canadian Community Service) along with
the partner/trust organization Trans Himalayan Aid Society (TRAS) would like to thank everyone for a very successful first round of fundraising for the Janandolan Primary Health Treatment Fund in Nepal (JPHTF).

Due to generous contributions from 120 people, we have managed to raise $ 4596.
After subtracting some admin costs (bank transfer costs, online donation processing costs, tax receipt issuing costs), we have transferred a total of $4461 to JPHTF. That is a just a little bit over 3 lakh rupees. The bank transfer process takes a couple of days. We will let you know as soon as JPHTF confirms the receipt of the funds. We trust that the funds will be used in the best possible way for the benefit of our courageous pro-democracy demonstrators of the “April Revolution” in Nepal.

The final list of donors is posted on the site.

The fundraising drive continues, particularly online at TRAS’s homepage: . So if you still want to donate, please contact us or visit TRAS’s homepage. We hear that our 8 year old friend, Swarnima Gurung, is still going strong raising funds for this drive by selling the tatoo stickers she won in some raffle. She has already raised $9 by herself and now (that the tattoo stickers are sold out) she is planning to sell some of her old unwanted books to raise more funds. Thank you Swarnima!!!

Can’t end without some thank you notes of course. Special thanks to all our foot soliders who went doing door to door fundraising (Bipin Pokharel, Sabin Ninglekhu, Diplav Sapkota, Komal Sapkota, Govind Singh Rawat, Naba Raj Gurung). Thanks to Sabin Ninglekhu for being the first one to donate to the fundraising drive (Sabin donated with three seconds of the fundraising email being sent out). Special thanks to all the young people/student and unemployed/underemployed people for reaching deep into their pockets and donating very generously. And thanks to Mr. Swarnim Wagle for giving the first phase of this fundraising drive a grand finale by donating $430.

Our appreciation to Jennifer Hales and other Board members of TRAS (and their hardworking staff, Debbi) for joining in on this drive and issuing charitable tax receipts, officially transferring the funds, and setting up the online donation scheme. In general, the Nepalese community of Canada has been frustrated at the unwillingness of many other Canadian NGOs with projects in Nepal to colloborate/consult with us (inspite of our ongoing outreach and call for collaboration). Thus, TRAS’s proactive steps to work with us and support our initiatives is very much appreciated. Please join me in spreading the good word about TRAS.

Thank you to everyone for a very successful fundraising drive.


On behalf of Nepal Fundraising Collective

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