Situation Analysis of Dalits in Nepal

DR Dahal, YB Gurung, B Acharya, K Hemchuri, D Swarnakar
National Planning Commission, Government of Nepal


Historically, Nepali society holds deep roots in the Hindu caste system,
with hierarchy of different groups of people within the system. Dalits or
untouchables are one of the groups of people within this Hindu caste
system whose social, economic, health status and political conditions are
lowest compared to other groups in Nepal. The overall goal of the report is
to formulate a national strategy to support the Dalit upliftment and
empowerment in the forthcoming Tenth National Plan. Three sequential
reports are prepared for the purpose. The first report is the “Situational
Analysis of Dalits”. This report describes the existing social, economic,
educational status and political conditions of Dalits in Nepal based on
available secondary data. This part also reviews the effectiveness and
weaknesses of policies and programmes and activities conducted so far by
the governmental and non-governmental organisations in the name of
Dalits. The second report deals with problems, policies, and strategies of
the Dalit empowerment within the framework of social discrimination and
exclusion. The goal here is to develop the long- term strategy for Dalit
upliftment and empowerment. The third report is the plan of action for five
years for Dalit upliftment and empowerment.

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