Press Release: Former Canadian Cabinet Minister in CFFN advisory board

May 28, 2007 (Ottawa, Canada): Hon. David Kilgour has joined the advisory board of Canada Forum for Nepal (CFFN), an organization that is playing a leading role in Canada in promoting critical thinking about the contemporary issues of Nepal.

CFFN was formed when people of Nepal were in a collision course with the autocratic regime of King Gyanendra and were trying to find a peaceful and democratic solution to a long running armed conflict.

Issuing a press statement today the forum informed that Hon. Kilgour is a graduate of the University of Manitoba and the University of Toronto Law School and a former Cabinet Minister of Canada and one of the longest serving members in Canadian Parliament with a tenure of more than 26 years.

“When Canada Forum for Nepal was working towards mounting international pressure for peace and democracy in Nepal, Hon. Flora MacDonald, former Foreign Minister of Canada, and Hon. David Kilgour had played an important role in providing right pointers to escalate the issue. It is only fitting that Hon. Kilgour takes an advisory role in Canada Forum for Nepal,” the statement read.

CFFN held its annual general meeting on Saturday, May 26, 2007, in Ottawa, Canada. The first session of the program began with a welcome message from a founding member of CFFN, Dr Ram Acharya. First Director of CFFN, Dr Pramod Dhakal presented the progress report and Treasurer Mr Pradeep Sharma Lohani presented the financial report and the report of the auditor. This assembly elected a new executive body that inducted two more women executives, elected an auditor, and a prominent face in its advisory board.

The general body decided at the meeting that CFFN will continue with its three objectives. Firstly, it will continue promoting critical thinking on the contemporary issues of Nepal and in finding solutions to those problems. A conference on contemporary issues and policies for Nepal in Ottawa, Canada will be held in August 2007 as a part of this endeavor. Secondly, the organization will carry-on its past legacies like Himalayan Heartbeat and other programs to bring awareness of the issues of Nepal and for promoting Nepal in Canada as a country worth engaging with. Thirdly, CFFN will build programs to uplift the education sector of Nepal.

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