Press Release: NCAO Multicultural Event Makes a Mark in Ottawa

July 28, 2007 – Ottawa, Canada: Nepalese Canadian Association of Ottawa (NCAO, organized a spectacular multicultural show with a fanfare and success on an open-air theatre in picturesque Andrew Hayden Park situated in the capital city of Canada (SEE: Poster). The highlight of the program was a superbly prepared cultural show for three hours. Then there were other features and entertainments like Lions Club train-ride, and hand paintings. Also there were otherwise-unreachable police vehicles and gears for children and adults to experiment, experience, and be entertained. The event raised more than $9,000 in donations of which all the proceeds is to be given to a charity organization – the Ottawa Food Bank. The program was hosted in collaboration with A-Channel, a popular television channel in Ottawa.

This program attracted the best of cultural talents from within Nepalese and other communities that give great importance to arts and culture, and give significance to charity. Cultural show included Nepali, Punjabi, Arabic, Mexican, Spanish, Sri Lankan, Burmese, Philipino, Caribbean, and African performances. Also Luc Normand, a popular Ottawa singer gave a special presentation of his creations on folk and rock music.

Organized in an open theatre and open to public for free of charge, the program’s proceeds came from donations from businesses and individuals for which the NCAO youth volunteers tirelessly spent many days and evenings to walk through many doorsteps. And, because of being executed through volunteer mobilization, the program did not drain the proceeds in the form of administrative expenses so they could go straight to the charitable cause. Because such program requires months of preparatory works from organizers, volunteers, and artists, success of such programs speaks for itself about the character and strength of the Nepalese community in the National Capital Region of Canada.

Participants from other communities and the local residents had strongly positive views towards the program and said that they enjoyed thoroughly. Ms. Pilar Arjona, Director of Mestizaje Dance group, said “We are absolutely happy to participate in such a well organized program and for such a worthy cause.” Mrs. Denise Rasmussen, a local resident and a well traveled federal civil servant said, “Such multicultural program promotes Nepalese culture along with others while presenting a variety and vibrancy. We were happy throughout and did not feel any monotone in the program.” Similarly local newspapers and television channels gave a good coverage to the program and spoke very positively about the strong involvement of the youth in the program.

Established in 2001, NCAO started to do charity fundraising in its annual picnic in 2003. The organization introduced open-stage Nepali cultural show in 2005, made the program multicultural in 2006, and more broadly so in 2007. The charity fundraising has been growing steadily every year and many individuals and businesses have collaborated repeatedly. NCAO representatives are extremely happy and thankful to all the volunteers, performers, community organizations, businesses and individuals that supported the program.

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