Press Release: Canadian Bruce Cockburn returns to Nepal after 20 years

Witnessing “the Most Beautiful Place on Earth”

Canadian Bruce Cockburn returns to Nepal after 20 years

November 01, 2007, Ottawa, Canada: Twenty years after his first visit to Nepal, Canadian singer and songwriter Bruce Cockburn is going back to the country he calls “hands down the most beautiful place on earth that I’ve seen.”

Cockburn returns to Nepal with the same travel companion as on his first trip in 1987 – Susan Walsh, USC Canada’s Executive Director. They will journey on foot, staying in the villages of Humla district, located in the northwest corner of the country.

You can discover Nepal along with Bruce as he visits communities across Humla. His journey will be captured on video by Robert Lang and Guy Clarkson of Kensington Communications. Visit the Path to Nepal website for Bruce’s blog entries and images!

Nepal’s long and tragic civil conflict has had a serious impact on development programs in many parts of the country – including Humla. Cockburn hopes to witness how the people of Humla have been living despite their many challenges: isolation, little access to any development resources, and the political conflict – which is finally subsiding.

Cockburn’s Humla journey takes place November 11–23, and will be the subject of a documentary film in 2008. In the meantime, for other news about the journey, visit USC Canada’s website, or check out Cockburn’s fan site, Gavin’s Woodpile.

Canada Forum for Nepal wishes Bruce Cockburn and Susan Walsh a wonderful experience visiting Nepal.

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