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This page is brought to you with the courtesy of Agricultural Communication Documentation Center (ACDC) of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA. The links provided below takes you to a small sample strictly related to Nepal from a large repository of articles brought to you by ACDC. The articles cover communications aspects of agricultural and rural development in Nepal. Published during the past 30 years, these documents help reveal a wide range of efforts to improve rural communications. As a university-based resource and service, these resources bear an educational purpose. This repository is believed to be the largest electronically-searchable collection of literature about agriculture-related communications. It currently contains more than 32,000 documents involving 170 countries. The Center provides a unique service because the literature of this field is widely scattered and difficult to locate.

How you can search the collection online?

  1. Visit the ACDC web site at this address:
  2. Go to the page, “Search for a Document.”
  3. Conduct a “Subject” search, using the term: Nepal; or use search with other desired combinations
  4. Review the titles by scrolling through the list. They begin with the documents published most recently. Click on the title if you wish to see the full citation.

Four steps you can take to gain access to documents that you would like to access

  1. Check the Notes section at the bottom of each citation to see if it provides a web address. ACDC includes the address whenever available, so you can gain online access to the full document. Older documents in the collection are not available in digital form, however.
  2. Search for the document by title or author in a search engine (such as Google) to see if the document is available on the open web.
  3. Check to see if the document’s source (journal, book) is available from your local libraries.
  4. If none of the above approaches proves successful, send ACDC the document numbers and titles. All documents are available in the Center or elsewhere in the University of Illinois Library. ACDC may be able to help you gain access, as long as they are within copyright guidelines. Shorter documents can often be scanned and sent electronically.
    • Please contact:

      Jim Evans, Professor Emeritus, Agricultural Communications

      Agricultural Communications Documentation Center

      E-mail: evansj [at] uiuc [dot] edu (Please figure out address using a little imagination. We are doing this to prevent email harvesting by spammers from our website.)

Canada Forum for Nepal expresses sincere thank to Dr. Jim Evans, Professor Emeritus, Agricultural Communications Documentation Center (ACDC), for bringing this international resource and service from the University of Illinois to the people of Nepal and friends of Nepal.

Articles on Nepal









By: Uprety, Rajendra
Published: Mar 6 2006









By: Tiwari, T.P.; Brook, R.M.; Sinclair, E.L.
Published: Oct 2004









By: Thapa, Tek Bahadur; Ojha, Gana Pati
Published: Nov 12 2002









By: Woods, John L.
Published: Sep 2001









By: Minges, Michael; Press, Larry; Goodman, Seymour; Kelly, Tim
Published: 2001









By: Upreti, Bishnu Raj
Published: Jul 1999









By: Garforth, Chris; Mulhall, Abigail; Warren, Kate
Published: May 1998









By: Snyder, Monteze; Mavima, Paul; Satran, Jill; Tao, Jill; Wilson, James J. III
Published: 1997









By: Hobley, Mary; Shah, Kishore
Published: Jul 1996









By: Pandit, Bishnu Hari
Published: Jul 1995









By: Upandhya, Sanjay
Published: Mar 1992









By: Williamson, H. A.
Published: 1991



















By: Suvedi, Murari
Published: Apr 6 1988









By: Walker, David A.
Published: 1986









By: Joshi, S.C. (ed.)
Published: 1986









By: Pandey, S.
Published: 1985















By: Flinn, William L.
Published: Aug 21 1983









By: Herdt, R.W.; Capule, C.
Published: 1983









By: Wing, Clive; Yadav, Ram Prakash
Published: Sep 1982









By: Gecolea, R.H.; Manandhar, P.K.; Pelinck, E.
Published: 1982









By: Graham, Jack W.; Paige, Donald D.
Published: Mar 1981









By: Blaikie, Piers; Cameron, J.; Seddon, D.
Published: 1981









By: Baral, Jagadish R.
Published: 1979


  • Rural radio: Programme formats

    By: Bonzon, Simeon; Dikshit, Kiranmani A.; Boden, Ian; Donkor, Clifford; Alarcon, Hernando Bernal; Kostal, Jaroslav; Powell, Gleen
    Published: 1979


    1. The flow of information to some small farms in Nepal

      By: Axinn, George H.; Mallick, T.
      Published: 1978









By: Chitraker, Prem; Goodman, K.; Sharma, S.; Shrestha, R.





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