Who feels the suffering of Dalit of Khurkot?

After walking one and half hour, we can see the Khurkot – 7 of Parvat. There is dwelling of Pariyar caste in northern hilly area. We may feel that this is the ancient place of Dalit community, for which, we are doing struggle against the Brahminism. The oldest of Bhatkekhaldo Mr. Dadhiram Pariyar 75, is leading the community. He is president of forest user groups too. The 24 houses of Dalit have to tolerate a kind of trouble daily by the 7/8 houses of elite castes. If youth do object them, they are abused as Maoists, if women do as so, they are named as bitch and if Dalit children don’t respect their order, they are beaten or bruised mentally, if not physically.

These people have to work on elite’s stone-mine for their daily survival. If women don’t work in the field of the elites, they can’t solve their hand to mouth problem. Therefore, they haven’t any alternatives, if they are become against them. Whether they do objection, they can’t get any work in their field or stone-mine. So, they have to be always silent. Except district Fecofun, no organization has given interest towards them. They experience an uneasy isolation due to the difficult trails and terrain augmented by illiteracy, and poor health and hygiene in the society. The major trail sneaks through the middle of the dwelling of the elites, and Dalit are restricted in the entry to the forest and elite’s dwelling throughout the main trail. The elites have separate source of water and there is electricity in each houses where elites are but Dalit community cannot afford to buy a liter of kerosene for the light. Lower secondary and secondary high schools are in the area of upper caste, the discussions to open the higher secondary in elites’ periphery is always held, VDC can allocate the budget to build the temple for the Brahmin, but Dalit doesn’t have a small amusing chalet for their children. And Dalit themselves can’t collect their voice by unifying too.

Social elites have divided them politically and it has created jealousness with each other splitting them into different parties. By the cause, they don’t have unity. For a while, they have no unification, the stimulation is not in their community. Very low class of awareness of human being. They don’t know about the Dalit commission, women commission, Dalit development committee and other prodalit organizations, who and where the pro-dalit initiatives are done. They understand only that the election of constitutional assembly is for the new regime of Maoist. Likewise, a male gets 200 ruppes for the wages, but women get only 50-60 Rs. Women easily accept that male is the main part of the society, so they earn a lots rather than women. It means that women have not any feeling of gender equity. Other side, the Dalit male often violate to their female due to the proud of their earn. All Dalit community considers that the upper castes are the food-grain-holders and if they go against the elites, the God will be anger.

The oldest Dadhiram right now, keeping some legal charges too against the so-called upper castes. Among them, one is ongoing in the Supreme Court. We can see these kind of direct visual of their daily life-circle, if we now visit the Khurkot. However, some local organizations are interested to work for them. But privileged nature and only clawing the roast-strategy of some donors, the interest of the organization has been vanished and they have become hopeless. All the pro-dalit organization & concern people therefore, should have to keep mind towards the Dalits’ live of Khurkot.

About Article:

Author: Saroj Dillu
Submission Date: March 10, 2008

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