Nepali Global Women Conference

NWGN will host the first ever Nepali Global Women conference on August 9th 2008. The purpose of this conference will be to create a dialogue on issues pertaining to women and women of Nepali origin. This will also be an opportunity to highlight NWGN mission and explore collaboration and partnerships with various organizations to increase access to resources for Nepali women.

Therefore we are pleased to announce the call for workshop proposals for our first NWGN conference: “Nepali Women Building Bridges: Advocacy, Collaborations, and Research.” All workshop proposals should reflect the theme of the conference.

Some ideas for proposals:

  1. Advocacy
    1. Community organizing for advocacy which has made or could make significant positive change in the life of Nepali women in Nepal or abroad/ US
    2. Collaboration as a tool for advocacy and empowerment for Nepali battered women in US
  2. Collaboration
    1. Any partnership programs that is making a difference in the lives of Nepali women either in Nepal or abroad/US
    2. Beyond boarders collaboration for Nepali women’s development
    3. Collaborations with South Asian Women’s Organizations (SAWOs)
  3. Research
    1. Issues of migrant Nepali women: rights and how to access the resources
    2. Becoming and Being Intercultural: The Link between Personal Experience and Intercultural Leadership
    3. Status of Nepali Women, in Nepal, in US.
    4. The Handicraft Tradition
    5. Nepali Women and Work
    6. Nepali Women in Politics
    7. Breaking the Culture of Silence: Domestic Violence and Nepali Women
    8. Literacy/Access to Education
    9. Health/Medicine
    10. Nepali Women in Science and Math
    11. Narratives of Nepali Women’s Leadership
    12. Learning from our Daughters
    13. Transformations in South Asian Religious Cultures

The proposals will be reviewed by the program subcommittee of the NWGN board. The proposals will be evaluated on the basis of its relevance to the Conference theme and mission of NWGN. (

NWGN will contact the authors of the selected workshops by 15th of June, 2008.

There is no monetary incentive for workshop presentation but the presenter will gain experience and the opportunity to present at the very First Nepali Women’s Conference outside of Nepal.

If you are interested to send in your proposal please fill out the form below and send it by May 15th 2008, electronically to,

Sushma Barakoti: conference2008 [at]

NWGN Workshop Proposal Form

  1. Presenter(s) Name:
  2. Short Bio (100-150 words):

    (Bio will be printed in the Conference Booklet)

  3. Address:
  4. Affiliated Institution:
  5. E-Mail:
  6. Phone Number:
  7. Fax Number:
  8. Workshop Title:
  9. Paper Title:
  10. Learning objectives:
  11. Workshop format:

    (Panel, Lecture, Participatory, focus group, others)

  12. Time required:

    (60 minute)

  13. Audio-visual needs:
  14. Logistic needs:

    (Markers and flip charts will be available for all workshops)

  15. Workshop description (150-200 words)

    (This description will be printed in the Conference Booklet)

For more information contact

Sushma Barakoti sushma.barakoti [at]

Bidya Ranjeet bidyaranjeet [at]


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