Yuba Sanchar #001

*This show is in Nepali Language*

The first radio show was a blast! The youth introduce themselves briefly before they start the interview with Dr. Pramod Dhakal about a recent conference that took place in the USA. It was hos ted by NASO (Nepali American Society for Oppressed community). The conference was about Dalits in Nepal, and about how to end the cruelty. Dr.Dhakal said that education is one of the main ingredients to solve this challenge! Dr.Dhakal thinks that youth can help a lot in this matter. He also thinks that we shouldn’t ignore people just because they are a lower caste. We all discussed this and we all have to respect that we are humans. Following the discussion, we also had some world news reported from Kailash. Pranaya told us a hilarious joke to end the show.

Show Breakdown:

00:18 Introducing Yuba Sanchar
01:04 Introducing Yuba Sanchar Members
07:39 Interview with Dr.Pramod Dhakal on Dalit Issues
18:01 Yuba Bahas on Dalithood and Untouchability- Part I
28:23 News – Kailash Subedi
29:30 Jokes – Pranaya Kaushik

Yuba Sanchar - Program #001

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