Yuba Sanchar #002

*This show is in Nepali Language*

We briefly introduce to members who missed the pervious episode. Yuba Sanchar finishes their two-part discussion about the Dalit system in Nepal and how the problems could be mitigated by providing proper education to all and by giving all people equal changes to succeed regardless of their background. Another theme to come out of the discussion is that society often places importance on development of natural resources while leaving the human potential untapped. Afterwards, we play a song named “phool ko aankha ma” by Ani Choying. Following this, Geeta ji tells the story of Pandora’s box.

Show Breakdown:

00:18 Introducing Yuba Sanchar new members
02:35: Yuba Bahas: Dalithood and untouchability
10:25 Dhwani Dhadkanko: Phool ko aankha by Ani Choying
15:29 Katha Chautari: Pandora’s Box

Yuba Sanchar - Program #002


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