Yuba Sanchar #003

*This show is in Nepali Language*

This program is focused around improving Kathmandu with special emphasis put on reducing garbage and air pollution. Regarding garbage, both reduction and recycling of non-decomposable materials were considered. Ideas like introducing garbage bins in sidewalks came out of the discussion. Regarding air pollution, a major theme to come out was that public transportation, especially trolley bus lines, can alleviate air pollution in Kathmandu. Broad range of ideas relating to Kathmandu like planting grass and trees on barren land, building tunnels, decentralizing public services and institutions were discussed. Population reduction of Kathmandu was also deemed important. Family planning and 2-child policy were two ideas that were discussed. Then Pheri Tyo Din by Sugam Pokhrel was played. Kailash anchored the news about China being the third country to walk in space. After news of Chinese government’s aid to Nepal, discussion continued on the ramifications in terms of relations with India.

Show Breakdown:
0:21 Geeta introduces
1:13 Prashanta tells about the visit from Hisila Yami
3:52 Geeta introduces the second part of the show
5:31 group discussion about how to clean and improve Kathmandu
21:00 reducing KTM’s population through 2-child policy
23:47 song: Pheri tyo din by Sugam Pokhrel
27:24 news from the past week by Kailash Subedi
27:52 discussion about the news, and discussions about being independent from India
31:11 Geeta wraps up the show

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