Power of Persistence and Hope: A Pathway to Entrepreneurialism

CFFN Interaction Program – Invitation

Power of Persistence and Hope: A Pathway to Entrepreneurialism

Chief Guest: Dr. Ramesh Sunar, Doctor of Dental Medicine and an accomplished entrepreneur

Friday, November 14, 2008
Time: 7:00PM – 9:00PM
(Must be seated by 6:55PM; Doors open 6:30PM)
Admission: Free
Ottawa Citizen Hall
1101 Baxter Road
Ottawa, Ontario, K2C 3M4, Canada
Phone: 613-829-9100

Entrepreneurialism is a virtue admired by many and pursued by a few for it involves risks. In this arena of thrills, rewards, disappointments, and failures, there are always some who discover enterprising ideas with ease and show success in one venture after another. How is it that they solve their problems differently? What drives them into success? It is in this quest that CFFN Youth for Global Entrepreneurship (CYGE) hopes to further the understanding of entrepreneurialism among those youth who aspire to be entrepreneurs. CYGE is a newly formed youth group of CFFN that is geared to bring entrepreneurial knowledge and skills to youth with a belief that today’s youth are the entrepreneurs of the future. Although organized by the youth, this program is part of an effort of CYGE to serve not only CYGE members but also community members of all ages. This is the first in a series of programs we will be organizing on entrepreneurialism. This time we have brought Dr. Ramesh Sunar, an accomplished academic and entrepreneurial powerhouse of Nepalese origin who lives in North Carolina, USA. We would like to invite Ottawa youth to join CYGE to follow the footsteps of Ramesh. Before that, however, we would like you to come to our first event and make an informed choice by yourself.

About Dr Ramesh Sunar

Dr Ramesh Kumar SunarDr. Ramesh Kumar Sunar earned a Doctor of Dental Medicine degree from the University of Connecticut in 1998, and specialized in endodontic surgery from New York University College of Dentistry in 2001. He moved to Nort Carolina in 2002 to serve Charlotte community in endodontic surgery. A person of exemplary academic records, Dr. Sunar quickly emerged as a successful entrepreneur. He has a number of business endeavors to his credit. The most notable of those businesses are his Institute for Dental Learning and Charlotte Root Canal Center both in Charlotte, North Carolina. In a short span of time, he has emerged as an inspiration to all youth who seek success while remaining true to ideals of human freedom and equality.

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