Press Release: Nepalese Canadian Youth pursue Entrepreneurialism

Friday, November 14, 2008, Ottawa, Canada: Canada Forum for Nepal (CFFN) has formally launched CFFN Youth for Global Entrepreneurship (CYGE) group, which promotes youth entrepreneurship. After months of ground work, CYGE was brought to public amidst an interaction program: “Power of Persistence and Hope: A Pathway to Entrepreneurialism”. CYGE invited Dr. Ramesh Kumar Sunar, an accomplished academic and entrepreneurial powerhouse of Nepali origin from USA, as the guest speaker in its first public program held in Ottawa, Canada.

In its invitation to the community, CYGE said, “Entrepreneurialism is a virtue admired by many and pursued by a few for it involves risks. In this arena of thrills, rewards, disappointments, and failures, there are always some who discover enterprising ideas with ease and show success in one venture after another. How is it that they solve their problems differently? What drives them into success? It is in this quest that CYGE hopes to further the understanding of entrepreneurialism among aspiring youth.”

Speaking in the program Dr. Ramesh Kumar Sunar said, “The most potent tool required to be successful is an intention that focuses our mind into a specific goal. When working intently and constantly with a clear purpose, we can achieve what seems unachievable today.” He, however, warned that the success will not follow you unless you have desire to succeed, good work ethics, spirit of saving, and company of good people. He warned young people by saying, “Remain frugal in good times, don’t buy more than what you need, and live within your means.” “One of the biggest mistakes that new entrepreneurs make is that they splurge money on expensive things and spend years to pay for borrowed money.”

“The spirit of entrepreneurialism should be about giving back,” said Dr. Sunar. He concluded by saying, “You should be compassionate and give back to the society” and pointing to Warren Buffet who gave the bulk majority – 95% – of his wealth back to society. He emphasized how he is inspired to be helpful to uplift the lives of the oppressed people of Nepal and encouraged other youth to do the same.

Dr. Sunar was thanked by the Executive Director of CFFN, Dr. Pramod Dhakal, who also introduced Project Rural Education Nepal of CFFN which has an ambitious educational plan for Pokhara-Lumbini corridor. The program was conducted by Prashanta Dhakal, Coordinator of CYGE, and assisted by many youth volunteers.

The organizer, CYGE, is geared to bring entrepreneurial knowledge and skills to youth with a belief that today’s youth are the entrepreneurs of the future. Although organized by the youth, this program is part of an effort of CYGE to serve not only CYGE members but also the Nepalese community members of all ages. This richly educational and inspiring program was the first in a series of programs CYGE will be organizing on entrepreneurialism.

About Canada Forum for Nepal

The CFFN promotes critical thinking and scholarly exchanges between Canada and Nepal. In particular, the organization likes to position itself as a bridge between the Canadian public who are concerned about global issues and the most disadvantaged children, women and men of Nepal who are deprived of basic education, knowledge, and capacity required for overcoming poverty and for inculcating innovation and progress. This stance comes from a conviction that knowledge and education is the most profound requirement for building a just and prosperous Nepal.

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