Yuba Sanchar #004

 *This show is in Nepali Language*

Many of the ideas are related to Infrastructure, productivity, and economic growth, including tunnels, wider roads, and improved traffic control for faster transportation. Improve infrastructure, grow economy, and create jobs on the back of the improved infrastructure. Grow things that are most effective in various lands rather than always growing rice. Improve export market and try to export to countries outside of India so that we become gradually food and energy independent from India; increase production of things in Nepal so that some can be exported outside of Nepal. Reduce bargaining so that valuable time is not wasted. Attract foreign investment like what India did. Focus on sustainable development and reduction of population growth.

Like the episode before, the theme of cleanliness and pollution resurfaced. Yuba Sanchar children suggested the cleaning up of Kathmandu and other cities in Nepal by having proper garbage collection facilities. Garbage bins should be available in public places so that all junk is properly disposed. With proper facilities and cleanliness Nepal can become one of the most attractive tourist destinations.

Any discussion about Nepal is bound to mention topics related to health, education and social security. Yuba Sanchar suggests having schools in every village so our literacy rate increases and poverty rates decrease. We should make it illegal for people to marry until 18 so that they continue schooling and a 2 child policy, where the first two children in the family have free education. The team suggests reducing the load at elementary schools and banning physical punishment of students to encourage people to stay at school. Like in Canada, tax and collect from the rich to build food banks and shelters all over Nepal. Make public (no fee) schools all over Nepal.

Nepal is a water-rich country with abundant hydroelectricity potential. Suggestions to make electricity and water supply stable are discussed. This would encourage outsourcing to Nepal, for example. Provide electricity in remote villages as well, and drastically increase electricity production. Reduce cost of electricity by ending exemptions and fining people who steal electricity.

On the topic of corruption, Yuba Sanchar members suggested ensuring people know what the cost of government services are so that people know when they are being cheated. Also, we suggested city planning so people make houses only in proper places and don’t impede traffic.

Show Breakdown:
0:25 – Geeta Introduces
1:30 – Yuba Bahas: How Could We Improve Nepal?
23:00 – Concluding Remarks
25:00 – Chutkila by Pranaya Kaushik and Kailash Subedi
26:35 – song – Manta Mero Nepali Ho

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