CFFN Updates V

Please accept our sincere greetings from Canada Forum for Nepal (CFFN) to you. Today, we are bringing the following updates to you.

  1. Project Rural Education Nepal: This project is intended to provide opportunity to grassroots people of North America to get directly involved with the grassroots people of Nepal. It has has made many strides since its inception two years ago. Today we update you on its activities of the last few months. Please visit to lean more about the project. Visit click here to see the brief history of the project’s evolution.
    1. Technology Education and After making tremendous contribution in bringing computing technology education to Nepal, Tom Lea, a retired teacher from Illinois, USA, returns back home. While in Nepal, he also prepared a proposal for the development of a library and a small hydroelectric plant to fulfill the electrical energy needs of a school and its computing lab. His memoir can be viewed in the website.
    2. Research on Livelihood of Rural Women: Two researchers (Alexandre Genest and Genevieve Sarazin) from University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Canada submitted their research findings on livelihood enhancement for the village women. They made remarkable presentation at the University of Ottawa.
    3. Early Childhood Education Centre: After doing a remarkable work of starting an Early Childhood Education Centre, Michael Casey and Tineke Casey, two Nepal enthusiast Canadians returned back to Ottawa, Canada.
    4. Survey for Tourism Promotion: Through their personal survey, exploration, and feasibility studies, Michael and Tineke Casey of Ottawa, Canada along with a CFFN Field Staff identified a 5-day trekking circuit never explored before in the target area for community centric tourism. We intend to develop a model for local income generation for supporting our education endeavors, such as early childhood education centers.
    5. Survey for Broadband Wireless Connectivity: Michael Casey of Ottawa, Canada along with a CFFN Field Staff made a field survey for developing broadband wireless connectivity in the immediate target area of our project.
    6. Project Brochure: A two page brochure of the project has been created for making it easier to promote the project more effectively and economically.
  2. Suggestion to Nepalese Constitution: CFFN contributed a significant amount of work in providing suggestions for Nepalese constitution in the month of January-March of 2009. CFFN was one of the largest contributor of ideas of any NRNs throughout the world.

We invite you to be part of these great endeavors.

Pramod Dhakal
Executive Director
Canada Forum for Nepal

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