Blogging CFFN

The social media and information revolution is the ultimate grassroots movement. Youtube, Twitter, the blogosphere, Flickr, Picasa, Digg, Delicious, Reddit, Wiki, Facebook… they’re all part of a network where the people choose what’s important – and that’s what becomes the news of the day. It’s the great neutralizer of this era, where the young labourer and the seasoned lawyer have equal say in the world; it’s the quality of the content, not the person behind it that grabs people’s imagination. Suddenly, great ideas don’t need big budgets and big-name backing to gain traction to change the world.

So many of these qualities and ideas are the foundation to what CFFN stands for and what it sets out to accomplish. As CFFN grows under its new mandate, it will begin to utilise many of these tools to connect with people with similar ideas and interests, those who would like to see or be part of the change to change the world.This blog is a step in this direction. It allows CFFN contributors to introduce themselves and share their ideas, personalities, opinions, stories, and other developments in a direct way. We’ll also be able to share porject and organizational developments, behind the scenes information, and thoughts in a way that will hopefully show the people behind CFFN.

Thank you for reading and welcome to CFFN.

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