Yuba Sanchar #009

*This show is in Nepali Language*

As we celebrated the festival of light, Tihar, we are using this opportunity to inform Nepali yuba on the historical background of the festival through interviews with Sita Adhikari and Kavita Ghimire. Since Tihar ends with the culmitation of family reunions and fun-filled activities, we also use this opportunity to entertain through Tihar poem, Bhailo and Deusi songs, along with a popular song, entitled Himal, Pahad Tarai, that calls for unity among Nepalese.

Show Breakdown:

00:00 – 01:30 Opening
01:30 – 06:00 News
06:00 – 16:00 Interview with Sita Adhakari and Kavita Ghimire
17:00 – 19:15 Tihar poem by Thakur Prasad Chhanga
20:00 – 26:30 Bhailo song
26:30 – 34:45 Deusi song
35:00 – 39:00 Himal, Pahad, Tarai song about unity
39:00 – 39:45 Closing

Yuba Sanchar - Program #009


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