November 11, 2009: Dhakalthar to Pokhara

We are awake by 7AM for tea and a small snack. Gyanendra’s father is busy thrashing the rice with the use of 4 oxen which trample the rice straw beating out the last of the stubborn rice grains still clinging to the stem. He laughs as he goes by me commenting that the life of a farmer allows no time for rest. How come he looks so happy?

We have dal bhat and say goodbye. It has been a great diversion from our trip back to Pokhara and Tineke and I would both love to return. The trek back to Naya Pul is spectacular in view. The day is overcast so it is not hot and perfect for walking. The mountains views are crystal clear but you can tell winter is on its way – they look cold and ready for snow. After about 3 hours we arrive at the roadhead and wait for our taxi to take us to Pokhara. On the way back I catch glimpses of the mottos written so carefully along the back of the public buses; GO SLOW – LIVE LONG being a classic but overshadowed by the occasional bus marked FEARLESS – but why would anyone climb aboard MY CELEBRATION OF DEATH? We let that one go ahead, far ahead. After arrival at the Snowland Hotel we shower and then head off to the Moondance restaurant for some hummus and white wine. It’s been a great trip.

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