November 3, 2009: Madi, Ward 2 Sarakuwa

We sleep well and wake up bright and early at – 8AM. Wow! we must have slept like logs. Manikula gives us some hot tea and we meet with Gyanendra to decide what to do today. The Madi Child Care Center is operational but in a trial mode in a rented space with two full time teachers and 13 children. We know that if we arrive with bags full of new material and boundless energy we will really disrupt the program so we decide to make a gentle entrance with just the three of us, introduce ourselves stay about 30 minutes and then leave. We ask the teachers to come and visit us after the center closes at 2PM and then we show them all the stuff we have brought along.

The two teachers are Indhu Shai and Jhalaki Dhakal and they were selected after a competition involving a half-dozen other candidates. Both are young, married but without children of their own. They are naturally shy and it takes some pulling to get them to give their opinions on some of the activities we have brought equipment for. We decide the best plan is for the three of us to visit the school the next day for 1 or 2 hours and demonstrate some activities. They are keen on this and leave on a happy note.

We also visit the property purchased for the center. It has a spectacular view of the Himalaya including South Annapurna and Machupacharre. Wow! it’s hard to imagine a child care center with a better view.

The dal bhat is especially good tonight, not so piero (spicy).

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