November 5, 2009: Madi

Today we met with the teachers after the center closed at 2PM. Tineke went over several of the color games. The idea behind many of these games is to get children to learn about different colors, shapes and patterns. Some of them are quite sophisticated and would be very useful for older children as well who are learning about different ways to classify items, make sets etc. The teachers are very polite but it becomes obvious that they are a bit overwhelmed by the variety of all of the games and activities. After they go we discuss what we can do to lessen the burden on them. For one, they have not had any training whatsoever and were chosen for their educational level and enthusiasm for working with children. They have the basics to make good early child care teachers but it is clear we are asking too much of them. We decide to look into training programs in nearby Baglung but realize any training will not take place for awhile due to all kinds of scheduling issues. We decide to make up a sample program for them to follow for the next three months. Each month has a theme and then the theme is exposed week by week and day by day. We layout the plan on a daily basis and number the activities and the associated resources so they can see in a glance what to do each week and day. Here’s an example:

Month 1/Week 2/Theme: the color yellow


  • Box#1color circles
  • Box#2colored clothes

Day 1:

  • free play: use puzzle, trucks, yellow duplo blocks, dolls
  • Structured play: use only the yellow Duplo blocks and cars
  • Structured play: use the color circle game (Box#1) and get children to identify only the yellow ones (start with about 10 colors and about 4 are yellow)
  • Outside:
    • free play; physical activity
  • Inside:
    • Circle time:
    • sing the color yellow song use yellow shaker
    • use colored clothes (box#2) pieces concentrate on yellow pieces
  • Outside/Inside
  • free play

Note for teachers: take every opportunity to point out the color yellow in puzzles, toys, clothes, books, etc.

This will have to do until the training is done.

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