November 7, 2009: Madi

There is a time conflict today as the teachers were to arrive at 8 AM but by 8:45 they were still not here and I had to get to the school before it closes at 10 to print the documents at the only available printer. I headed up to the school while Tineke and Gyanendra remained behind for the teachers.

The road to the school is up, up, up in the Nepali tradition but there is a shortcut to cut some time but of course this means a steeper climb. The weather is gorgeous – is there a better place to be than Nepal in November? I arrive at the school and although it is officially closed many teachers are there for a meeting. Megh lets me into his office to use his printer and I set to work to see how I can get this job done. But the gods are conspiring against me as my computer doesn’t have the driver for the printer, the laptop that might have the driver doesn’t have the requisite USB port and the computer tower that does have the USB port initially seems to run only directly off the main power port so that I can’t have the printer and the computer powered simultaneously. I eventually figure this part out but then it’s clear that the computer is terminally broken (Megh confirms this later). Of course it takes me some time to figure this all out. .

But it was a nice walk.

Back at Megh’s house Tineke and Gyanendra have a good meeting with the teachers who appreciate the program we have put together all keyed to all the resources which are now numbered.

Everywhere people are heavily engaged in the rice harvest. Work usually begins at about 6:30 and goes on till after dark

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