Yuba Sanchar #010

 *This show is in Nepali Language*

CFFN’s new thematic radio program focused on Animal Health and its role on human well being is illustratively presented for the listers of all ages. This program consists of news, interview with renouned scholars of animal science in Ottawa followed by a lively debate by youths on the relevance of animal health and public investment in it. This episode concludes with Dr Pramod Dhakal’s Purbaj ka Kura, which is focused on animal, human and humanity in general.
Show Breakdown:

0:00 – 0:40 Openning
0:40 – 5:20 News
5:30 – 23:15 Interview with animal health scientists Dr Pawan Agrawal, Dr Shiva Ghimire and Dr Toya Baral
24:15 – 30:00 Yuba Bahas moderated by Prashanta Dhakal
39:15 – 43:45 Purbaj ka Kura by Dr Pramod Dhakal
43:45 – 44:15 Closing

Yuba Sanchar - Program #010


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