Newer CFFN Radio Site

As we expanded the scope of the project to include several show types and wanted to add written content in Nepali, the template became more cumbersome than useful. Even uploading content had become a chore.

What I’ve done is moved everything over to the more powerful Blogger tool. The first benefit is that everything is customizable, so any extra content pages we need blend right in. Also, integrating Nepali is easy because it supports unicode. Uploading content should also be a bit easier, especially since people can do it with their own Google accounts. Perhaps the most important benefit of the new system is that visitors can get to the content they need in fewer clicks – this is especially true of older archived content.

CFFN is due for a full redesign, so I don’t know how long we’ll use this particular set-up… but for now, it’s an improvement!

It looks like a subtle change, but there’s a lot more here than meets the eye. Please check it out and leave any feedback you have! While you are there, listen to the programs! The most recent show is an interview with Michael and Tineke Casey, two bright and delightful people making a great contribution to Nepal.

And in the midst of all this change, I managed to design a logo for Epilogues/Yatra Nepal show. It was heavily influenced by a badge I saw for a wilderness park. The yak, though, was my idea.

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