Journey of the Volunteers

Having gone to Sarkuwa, Baglung for himself, Tom came back with unparalled hospitality and admiration of the people of Sarkuwa. Once in Illinois, Donna and Tom worked relentlessly to connect to local people and inspiring them for volunteerism. And there were David Campbell and Zachary Zaydos, two recent university graduates who rose up to the occasion and decided to volunteer at Sarkuwa.

Meanwhile, Pramod connected to concerned people in Kathmandu and Sarkuwa to arrange for the smooth guided travel for David and Zach from Kathmandu to Sarkuwa. Similarly, Tom and Donna worked on raising fund to cover for the air-tickets and little more for other expenses. Pramod formed a team of 12 people and created a group mailing system to make the communication among each other easier. Ann and Roy Campbell, Pat Gaydos, Donna and Tom Lea, and Shishir Paudel from Illinois, USA, David and Zach from wherever they happen to be, Pramod from Ottawa, Canada, Sudeep Dhakal and Balakrishna Acharya from Kathmandu, Narayan Acharya from Binamare, Baglung, make up those twelve at the moment.

Efforts are underway in having an Internet connection in Sarkuwa so there will be daily flow of information. To ease this effort, and help some computer literacy to reach Sarkuwa, Canada Forum for Nepal donated 3 laptops to Sarkuwa, which were delivered to the school by Pramod Dhakal in July, 2007 and Roy Cambbell arranged for four more laptops, which were be taken by David and Zach to Sarkuwa in September 2007.

At the time of this writing David and Zach are setting up a small computer lab in Sarkuwa and teaching basic computer literacy and other courses in Sarkuwa.

Ann Campbell, meanwhile, developed a blog so all concerned could learn about the progress and developments in the project and about the journey of David and Zach. Please visit to read the most upto date developments.

David-Zachary-Blog | Kelsey-Blog

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