Interaction Program: Alternative Education in the Context of Nepal

Please join us for an interaction program featuring Dr. Poorna Kanta Adhikary in a talk entitled Alternative Education in the Context of Nepal.

Date: July 28, 2010
Time: 7PM – 9PM
Venue: Ottawa Citizen Hall, 1101 Baxter Rd, Ottawa, Ontario

For more information, please contact Pramod Dhakal at 613-596-6692.

About the Speaker:

Dr. Poorna Kanta Adhikary

Dr. Poorna Kanta Adhikary was born and brought up in Lamjung, Nepal.  He has an interdisciplinary academic background with Mathematics, Natural and Social Sciences, and Education. He had his formal studies in Nepal, India and USA and post-doctoral informal studies and work (internship) on ‘Third World Education and Development’ with Prof. Paulo Freire in Switzerland with field study in Latin America. He had received Colombo Plan and Fulbright Scholarships for his higher studies.

He has taught in the universities in Nepal, USA, Chile and Iran and gave a series of lectures on Nepal’s conflict transformation and peacebuilding in Japan, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, USA and Canada. He has trained UN, governmental and non-governmental as well as academic personnel and political, civil society and trade union leaders in/from several countries of Asia, Oceania, Africa, Europe, Middle East, North and South Americas. He has worked on short term/long term assignments with several governments, bi-lateral and multi-lateral agencies and NGOs and academic institutions in several countries in the above regions. For over a decade he was the Vice-President and President of Society for International Development (SID) Nepal Chapter and has led Nepali delegations in the international conferences.

He is known to have been associated from his student days with a number of civil societies in Nepal including social and political movements from Bhadraabagya Andolan to both Janandolan 1 and 2. He is an elected member of Mahasamiti of Nepali Congress and has worked with all the Presidents of the Party from B.P. Koirala’s days on party related tasks from the grass-roots to international affairs including being the chief trainer of the party during 1994-95. He has represented Nepal at the UN Conference in Child Rights, and Nepali Congress as a team leader at the Socialist International Conference in New York in 1990, and visited China as a member of high political delegation Nepali Congress (Democratic) in 2003, and contributed in a number of international forums around the world on education, environment, development and peacebuilding.

Since 2002 Dr. Adhikary has been the President of Institute for Conflict Management Peace and Development (ICPD), Kathmandu, which has worked locally at the community level, nationally and internationally in conflict transformation and peacebuilding. He is also the Chairman of Lamjung Skill Development Foundation (LSDF), Enterprise Development Company (EDC) and Lamjung Electricity Development Company (LEDCO) and has also been a member of the United Nations System Staff College (UNSSC) training team on Early Warning (of Conflicts) and Preventive Measures (EWPM). He has been the Co-Chairperson of Constitution Assembly Election Observation Joint Forum (CAEOF) which has worked for 2008 CA Election. CAEOF has mobilized 8700 national volunteers through fifty seven human rights and civil society organizations and 42 international observers including Mr. Ramsey Clarke, former Attorney General of the USA.

He has provided post-graduate level courses in education, human and natural resource management, strategic planning and conflict transformation. He is nationally and internationally known as an independent professional for his work as educationist, development thinker and peace builder as well as a process manager and facilitator/trainer using a system approach to strategy development with more than 1000 events around the world adopting participatory technology related to consensus building among various groups of diverse background and ideologies.  He has produced hundreds of trainers and facilitators around the world to work in this area. He feels at ease working with people right from the grass roots to national and international level. He has worked in Spanish, French, Hindi and Farsi besides Nepali and English.

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